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""Barcelona"" chair (designer: Knoll, banquet and table (designer: Florence Knoll), ""Petal"" coffee table (designer: Bismut & Bismut), ""Ball"" armchair (designer: Eero Aarnio), marble table (Chahan Gallery) ), ""Selette"" (designer: Christophe Delcourt), desk (designer: Erwan Mevel, Revillon d'Apreval Design) ""Saarinen"" table (designer: Knoll), ""Galet"" table (designer: Stéfane Ducatteau, Revillon d'Apreval Design) ), Coffee pot (designer: Alfredo Häberli, Boutique Danoise), coffee table, ""pebble and bronze ball"" (designer: Ibu Galerie), jug (designer: Henning Koppel), jug (Boutique Danoise), vase (designer: Ibu) Galerie), pedestal table (designer: Hervé van der Straeten), bronze statue (RCM), vase (O. Gagnere, Edition Limitée), marble table (designer: Choï Byung Hoon, Down Town), Alexandre Turpault napkins and place mats , ""Christofle"" silver tableware ""Breitling"" clock, statue (designer: Curtis Gere, Philippe Sinceux), candlestick (Boutique Danoise), ""Serge Mouille"" lamp, ""Sabbatini"" vase, ""Ibis Rouge"" crocodile clutch bag, ""Charles"" & Ray Eames ""chair

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