More than 250 years of skills to polish crystals beautifully. The same goes to people. Baccarat has produced products that have delighted customers and set the standard of perfection and exquisite craft. We are looking for new staffs thta can work for us as a brand evangelist.

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values of baccarat


Thanks to its unique know-how transmitted from generation to generation, Baccarat is recognized throughout the world. Dedication and determination in all areas breed excellence and allow everyone to exceed their limits.


A “Living Heritage Company”, Baccarat has always been daring and has established itself over the centuries thanks to its constant search for innovation. Generating new ideas, experimenting, creating while constantly questioning oneself: to encourage innovation means being an actor of change and progress.


Commit, listen, transparency and professional conscience, taking decisions and standing by them: by acting responsibly, we build an environment of trust and create conditions favorable to the success of the company and the happiness of each employee.


With more than 250 years of history, loyal to its origins yet resolutely turned towards the future, Baccarat is constantly exploring new territories, open to the world. All possible fields are accessible thanks to the unique talent, ambition, agility and creativity of our employees.